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Buying a home is one the biggest decisions people will make.

So, we bring a personal touch to our service. In fast-paced Houston and across Texas, our local experts move quickly to help you close on time when you are buying your home. With access to the latest rates and best loan products, our loan officers work closely with you to tailor-make the mortgage that fits your life.

For refinances, we offer a wide range of refinance options and we’ll help you cash out or get a better team.

Most importantly, we make the process easy, and painless. We’re accessible – even at weird hours – to make sure your loan for your new Texas home closes on time.

That’s why so many clients rate us as the best Texas mortgage company, for our outstanding service and expert help.


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Rates, Fast Closings

Whether you’re looking to get a home loan for a new home in Houston, Texas, or you need to refinance a home in Texas, our Texas mortgage company keep things real simple by getting you the lowest rates, and the fastest closings.

How we do this?

By building on our teams’ combined decades of local, Houston and Texas experience, we know the ins and outs in the lone star state.

And saving money goes beyond the on-paper low rate. Sometimes, doing so won’t save you money, so we coach you on the best option for your life plans.

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Purchasing or refinancing a home doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

At our Texas mortgage company, we make everything easy to understand and clearly communicate with you throughout the process.

We can also move fast — mortgage rates change daily, so we’re always ready to act when the numbers are right.

Team Members

Reef Merhi

Reef Merhi

Branch Manager

Scott Foster

Scott Foster

Operations Manager / Loan Officer

Kristy Taylor

Kristy Taylor

Loan Officer


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